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Exalted Ruler’s Message

May has certainly proved to be a busy month. With a trip to Houston, Texas, to begin the rush, the rest of
the month has piled up, to say the least. I want to THANK, PER Paul Parker for taking the 1st Regular Meeting, Tuesday, May 7th, in my absence. And I want to THANK, PERs Ray Lisberger and George Worden for standing in for absent Officers at the Meeting of Tuesday, May 21st.

There have been two visits to Aurora food bank and help centers, with donations to their work coming from our ENF Challenge Grant for the Lodge Year. Our Grant this year was in the sum of $2,000.00; and, if
we manage to meet our Per-Capita Quota for the current Lodge Year, we may be eligible for an additional amount of $2.000.00, bringing the Grant up to a total of $4,000.00. For a relatively small Lodge, in the 300 Member and Below classification, that is a BIG GIFT. And, it is one Aurora Lodge #1921 can be well proud to seek, as we work to re-establish the presence of Our Lodge in Our Community.

Remember, Members, ENF is not just scholarships—though it does a marvelous job in that area—but, ENF also works with the local Lodge in its charitable ventures as well. As we work to re-establish Our Lodge in Our Community, we are also working to provide enjoyable and entertaining Events in the Lodge, for all our Lodge Members as well. The upcoming Lodge Picnic, August 17th looks to be a great time to come out and Fellowship with your Lodge friends, their families, and our new members.

The month of June calls for our Annual Flag Day Observance. And, we will once again have the participation of the Lodge’s Scout Troop in presenting the Flags of our Nation’s history during this event. If
you haven’t yet attended this Observance, I can only say I highly recommend you set aside Sunday June 16th for an afternoon of re-dedication to Elkdom, and to our Nation’s flag, and its meaning.

Remember when the Exalted Ruler and the Lodge Esquire engaged in a dialogue, right after you took your Solemn and Binding Obligation? Those questions and answers were a very fine summary of what it
means to be an Elk.; and, they are just as important today as they were on that first evening of your admission into Elkdom. This is YOUR LODGE. How do you want it to grow and prosper? How can you help?
Where can you Volunteer? There is an old saying, to the effect that: “Every minute spent in the service of others, is worth more than hours spent elsewhere.” The opportunities are open, and boundless; and the rewards are beyond all other pricings.

And, something I find very interesting. Just take away the “Y”, to get “OUR”; and quite a number of other questions get answered as well.

Colin J. Guthrie,

Exalted Ruler


Loving Hands "Unlimited" was founded by Terry Alexander in 1993. Our purpose is to help provide for the families of our community who need food, temporary shelter and the tools to build a better future. Loving Hands "Unlimited" is a non-profit organization that is 100% volunteer run. Loving Hands is a 501 c (3) Organization and a Colorado Nonprofit Organization.

As part of our program to reestablish the presence of our Lodge in our Aurora, CO Community, several of our Lodge Officers visited the
site of LOVING HANDS, out on East 6th Avenue. This is one of the largest food banks and help centers in our Community. And, it was
our pleasure to present them with $500 worth of food.
As a survivor of an abusive childhood and many times finding herself homeless, Terry knows from experience what it means to be hungry and in need of a loving hand. That is why the philosophy at Loving Hands is to provide food, shelter, clothing, counseling, spiritual direction and unconditional love to anyone who seeks it.

This was the first of two May visits to Aurora Charities with contributions from our Lodge. These visits were made possible by YOU, the MEMBERS, fulfilling our Lodge per-capita quota for ENF Donations during the past Lodge Year. Our Grant-back this year totaled $2,000.00; and during this Lodge Year, 2013-2014, we
are eligible for an additional $2,000, for a total of $4,000, to use according the Lodge’s wishes, for charitable purposes in our Community of Aurora, Colorado. With YOUR help, we will achieve the goal!

Would you believe that going to jail was a good thing? Yes! It is!
Our second visit to a recipient of ENF Grant funds takes us, on
Thursday, May 23rd, to the old Aurora Jail; where we find our
Lodge Secretary and the Director of FRIENDS—the Downtown
Aurora, Colorado food bank and help center—in the current storage
area of the old cell block, In addition to our Lodge Secretary,
PER & PDDGER, Tom Welch, we were accompanied by PER & PDDGER, Trustee George Worden. Your E.R., Colin J. Guthrie was behind the
camera this visit—much to the benefit of the camera—and, while present, and attendant, does not show up on the page this time around. A good old fashioned hot meal may well be worth any number of kind words. And FRIENDS provides well for those who need.

Our most sincere THANKS to all the Members of our Lodge, who have so generously contributed to making it possible for our Lodge to
re-establish itself as a vital part of the Aurora Community.

And, our most sincere THANKS to those who took the time to participate in this outreach to our friends and neighbors in Aurora. This is, indeed, Our Lodge in Our Community at its best.

Our most sincere THANKS also, to the Volunteers at both food banks and help centers for their kindness and courtesy in giving us the
“Grand Tour”; AND MOST OF ALL, for setting an example that the rest of us can well attempt to try to match, as Our Lodge in Our Community
works to again be part of those responsive to the needs of Aurora.

Lodge Birthdays and Anniversaries June, 2013“

Members Birthdays

02 Maxwell L. Saul
03 Richard L. Stevens

06 Richard M. Anderchin

06 R. Dean Weaver

07 Mark Kemmerling

08 Stephen C. Snider

12 Richard L Robison

12 Benny D. Watkins

13 Stephen G. Hogee

15 James L. Benson
15 Anthony C. Hakar

16 Anthony L. Lakers

16 Seyo-Chen (Kim) Ratajewski

17 Richard E. Oakes

26 Arthur L. Ashley

26 Jennifer Larson

27 Janet S. Eaton

27 Fred N. Smith

28 Wilma J. Succa

29 John R. Cain

Spouse Birthdays

03 Kay Hick

06 Pj (Phyllis) Layman

06 Virginia Potter

12 Richard Robison

14 Anna I. Krogh

16 Edonisa Vickrey

21 Sue M. Couch

23 Patricia K. Benson

26 Helen Boman


02 Theodore & Barbara M. Zahn

04 Lawrence & Renee D. Dilts

04 Ralph & Crystal C. Wilcox

05 Gilbert & Dorothy M. Sanderson

07 Olan & Loretta L. Pryor

08 James & Barbara Searcy

09 Richard & Rosemary Robison

12 David & Renee Keener

12 Lelan & Millie F. Sipp

16 David & Donna Marie Watkins

17 James & Linda R. Miller

19 Jeffrey & Janell K. Richey

20 Clayton & Karma Sue Conry

20 Joseph & Darlene A. Sattler

22 Frank & Donna V. Hellwig

26 Thomas & Shirley A. McDonald

28 Ralph & Pj (Phyllis) Layman

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Thomas W. Welch, PDDGER, Lodge Secretary


AUGUST 17TH, 1 PM TO 5:00 PM
AURORA ELKS LODGE Hamburgers, cheese burgers, hot dogs and all
the fixings. Baked Beans & Potato Salad, Ice Cream Treats.  Please call the lodge and let us know you are coming!!! Come meet old friends and make new ones.....bring the kids!


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Tuesdays: 11:00 AM Bingo at 4 Aces

Wednesdays: Lodge Bingo 6:00 P.M, $5.00 Dinner Nights As Announced, Check Calendar for Menu
PERS 3rd Wednesday

Fridays: Cocktails at 5:00 PM
Enjoy a fun night of games, happy hour prices, and good fellowship with your friends and fellow Members

Aurora Lodge is Dedicated to the principles of Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love, and Fidelity


 SUNDAY JUNE 16, 2013 @ 1:00 PM